The Ugly Truth Podcast Nov 14, 2010

November 15, 2010


The one and only Keith Johnson of joins the program to discuss the latest election results and what it will means for America viz a viz the wars for Israel.


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  • Semaya

    Hi Mark, I really like what you have been doing in trying to wake up as many people as possible to this Jewish problem we have. I hope you keep up the good work but be aware and have no fear.

    Nov 15, 2010 at 11:45 pm
  • Chris L

    You fellas are awesome.

    Nov 16, 2010 at 2:30 am
  • Bob

    It’s called ‘resistance’ —

    Nov 16, 2010 at 9:33 am
  • ROLF

    A very very fine podcast. I’m repeating myself but it boils down to: GET RID OF USURY! MONITOR ZIONISTS! LOVE GOD! Good luck to Keith Johnson and his website! Blessings, Rolf

    Nov 16, 2010 at 9:59 am
  • Dick

    Hey – why not associate the tea party with Ron Paul? Look at Rand Paul, who’s totally obsessed with budget-cutting.

    Some lily-white libertarians may think they’re anti-war, but they embrace all the stupid policies (free trade) that lead inevitably to war. Lyndon LaRouche has been running a great series of articles on the origins of the “Austrian School” and the evil and stupidity of Rand Paul.

    If you want “anti-zionist” leadership, you better figure out what the hell imperialism is, and oppose that with assertive and just government. Jewish crime can take place whether the government is corporate-occupied or non-existent.

    The issue is NOT big vs. small government or “individualism” vs. “collectivism” – this is all timeless propaganda. It’s good vs. bad government, and you’re f**ed if you think government is illegitimate before you even start.

    Yes, “the Jews” are our enemies. But do you want to repeat the mistake of the Nazis – create racist fervor, but embrace all the same policies of “the Jews”? Why didn’t Hitler reject the Versailles reparations? Why did he shred the Rapallo agreements and make Russia the enemy of Germany? Why doesn’t Rand paul reject free trade? Why isn’t he talking about bankrupting the TARP banks? Because nazis and libertarians are stupid f**s too enslaved by their own irrational ideologies to think rationally.

    Mark – you’re a Catholic. How about some Catholic thinking on nation-states and economics?

    Listeners of this show should take a good hard listen to what people like Lyndon LaRouche have been yelling for decades. Lose your bias against “socialism”, which is a pejorative term foisted upon you by your enemies, and look at the real history of America.

    Nov 16, 2010 at 11:38 am
  • mooninquirer

    TED PIKE of no doubt is the guy Mark Glenn is referring to, who had a Bible study program on 11/5/10 titled “Midterm Election — Stay of Execution for America” Let me say that I agree with Ted Pike, because of the vast importance of saving free speech —- the ONLY weapon we have in fighting Zionism. I certainly would not want laws like in Canada or Europe where denying the holocaust is a CRIME, in which someone goes to jail — that, and any other criticism of Jews. It would really shut down this website. Because of the vast importance of saving free speech, I would say Ted Pike is THE most important person in fighting Zionism. This is also true because he is ONLY person with this focus. He strongly implies that 911 was a Zionist job, in that he responded to the criticism that he does not acknowledge that 911 was an inside job ( a Zionist job ). But, he correctly points out that there are many others to do that, while he alone is left fighting to save free speech. I just cannot understand why Mark does not get this.

    Mark Glenn AGAIN slams Rand Paul very unfairly and inaccurately, just like in the last program, with Mark Dankof. The fact is, although Rand Paul supports Israel, so did his Democratic opponent —- and far, FAR more. In fact, Jack “Pretty Boy” Conway beat Rand Paul over the head very hard, both in debate, and in a TV commercial, over Rand’s much weaker stance on war with Iran. Rand Paul CLEARLY is not an ideological neo-con, and only put out that position out of necessity, to get elected. ALL 100 senators support Israel, regardless of party, and Rand Paul will no doubt be the senator who supports Israel and war with Iran the least. I challenge you to name a senator who you think will be more against war, than Rand Paul.

    Rand will be an enormous asset, in attacking the Federal Reserve, which is a specialty that very few members of Congress are up on. Further, I would love to see him on the Judiciary Committee cross examining Supreme Court justices. He can ensure that freedom of speech and association is protected. Ted Pike correctly praised Rand Paul, with an article titled “Bravo, Rand Paul ! ” for Rand’s brave, singular, and very important criticism that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is unconstitutional. And CRA 1964 is one of the most important things to Jews, after banking, media, Israel, AND VERY IMPORTANTLY IT PROTECTS ALL THREE OF THESE THINGS.

    The doomsday scenario that Mark is stating seems very implausible —- this would have been true had John McCain been elected as president. The Democrats are not much better than the Republicans, on standing up to Israel. They really have not earned their keep. They were voted in, in the year 2006, entirely out of the public’s outrage over the war in Iraq. But what did they do about it ? NOTHING ! Bush ordered a troop increase, and the Dems did NOTHING. The Dems COULD HAVE passed a resolution saying there is no war option against Iran. Now, there hasn’t been a war with Iran, but I give ZERO credit to the Dems in Congress because of that. We must credit George W. Bush, Secretary Gates, and Admiral Mullen with this —- and history SHOULD be kind to Bush on this matter, for resisting the Israel Lobby on its push for war with Syria in 2006, and Iran, and refusing Israel’s request for bunker buster bombs, and overflying Iraq.

    While there is very little difference between Dems and Republicans on war and Israel ( with the exception of Obama vs, McCain ) , there IS a very sharp distinction between the parties on saving freedom of speech, because the Jewish ADL NEEDS to advance the gay rights agenda as a sort of lubricant and excuse to get the hate crimes laws passed. This is EXACTLY what they have done in Canada.

    Mark says that Congress has the power to declare war, but I don’t think there has been a time in US history that Congress has declared war independently of the president. And suppose Congress DOES declare war. Then, it is up to the president to execute that war, and it is by no means certain that bombs would start flying. I think Admiral Mullen will realize the insanity of this, and just stall, or cut a deal with Iran, or just have a pretend war, with a few missiles flying, but no real damage intended.

    The impeachment of Obama was brought up. Now, what would be the issue ? The only issue is that Obama was not born in the United States. I would say there is about a 60 % chance of this being true. The Jews picked Obama as an alternative to Hillary, so the anti-war vote would coalesce around him, and not a very strong, experienced, and very anti-war candidate, Bill Richardson.

    VERY IMPORTANTLY, John McCain was everything the Jews hoped for —- everything that could have DREAMED. Obama was the most unelectable candidate ever nominated by a major party in US history. Right off the bat, Obama suffers a 10% loss in vote that a White man would otherwise have received. I am amazed when I see White nationalists saying that the Jews picked McCain, as a weak candidate, to run against Obama that they really wanted. This is because their MAIN focus is on preserving the White race, and they believe the Jews are going to use Blacks and Mexicans to exterminate the White race. Many people on youtube believe this, and especially on I know a person like this in real life, who is a fan of the Jew, Michael Savage. I have NEVER in my life met a fundamentalist Christian who supports the wars for Israel, but I have met several non-religious Whites who support these wars against the Muslim world, because they hate Blacks and Mexicans, and see Israel as in the same boat, fighting unruly people of a different race.

    Well, before the election in 2008, a few Jews in alternative media floated the idea that Obama was not born in the US. THIS was one of the reasons the Jews picked someone who probably was not born in the US — both so that he would be a very weak candidate against McCain, and, if God forbid he were elected, they could blackmail him. But the Jews have bit off more than they can chew on this one, because if they ever reveal this, it would have the same effect as exposing the moon hoax —- the public would question EVERYTHING. The Jews fight very hard to protect the public’s continued belief in the moon landing, because it is seen as such a bedrock fact-FACT, and the ONLY reason Gentiles believe it at all is because the media and history books say it is so. When I first heard of Obama not being born in the US, I felt a “spooky” feeling —- one gets this when there is a sense of a vast truth that is out there, beyond the “reality.” This has nothing to do with UFOs as space aliens —- I don’t believe in them at all ( NASA and the Apollo astronauts promote this belief, so, if you believe they went to the moon, you must also believe that there are UFOs as space aliens on the moon, or on the way to the moon ). But what we Gentiles all regard as “the truth” and “the real world” is actually spun by the Jewish controlled media and school system. The fact that so many other people believe a falsehood means absolutely nothing. But, in social psychology, people will NOT TRUST their own judgment, when in the company of others lying. Check out the ASCH CONFORMITY EXPERIMENT.

    Obama not having been born in the US is tame stuff, to us who realize 911 was a Zionist job, but after EVERY talking head in the media just repeatedly laughed at it, it is a very high value “FACT.” Had it been exposed very early in Obama’s campaign, it would be different. But, with the passage of time and SUPPOSED confirmation, it has become CANONIZED. It is a rock of “truth” as large as the holocaust, and exposing it would totally destroy the public’s belief in the media. Everyone would wake up — they would see that the media lied to them about 911, and the holocaust.

    The man made global warming hoax is very relevant. People in America must have a sense that there is something very weird going on, and the intensity with which that was lobbied for is an example. I have been contacted by FOUR people, in person, and on the phone, soliciting me to sign a petition or call my senator. But this is something that defies common sense, yet we get shoved in our face with such intensity by most of the media, that so many scientists in “peer reviewed” journals established it as true. It is important, because the cap and trade system will destroy American industries, and also, it is a good way to wake people up that the MEDIA totally lies to us. Gentiles need to understand that we are living in “The Matrix” Other good movies are google : VIDEO GOOGLE THEY LIVE and google: VIDEO GOOGLE 1984

    Watch this video, and you will clearly see that it is a hoax —- a very laughable hoax —- and that with an unlimited amount of money that the Jewish bankers have, you can have not only politicians agreeing with you, but scientists to come to the conclusions that you want. Type into google : THE GREAT GLOBAL WARMING SWINDLE

    Yes, the Federal Reserve is at the top of the food chain, but understanding that it is a fraud is rather difficult to explain. Therefore, the second thing to wake Gentiles up should be that what the media says, and history, is total lies. Not only lies of fact, but we even permit ourselves to question. The Jews have created a national religion, of the values we have —- and it benefits Jews very greatly.

    Taking out Jewish domination of the Fed and banking can be accomplished by an aggressive application of affirmative action and quotas to banking, with the Jews counted as a race. This is why Jews resist so strongly being classified as a race, and being counted by the Census. Further, Jews oppose affirmative action, BECAUSE it leads to quotas —- it IS quotas. Imagine the Jewish representation in banking knocked down to 2 %. Then, there would no more “free loans ” to guys like Haim Saban, who rather obviously has NOT made all his money from the crap he has produced. He got his “loans” ( money is created when a bank loans money — watch this — google : MONEY AS DEBT )from Jewish bankers BECAUSE he is a dual citizen of Israel, with a very strong commitment to lobbying for Israel. His production company was just a front business.

    Affirmative action would decimate the Jews power, especially when mandated for something that is truly a public good, in the classical economic sense. And there are very few things that really are public goods —- but banking and the issuance of currency is one of them ( watch this —- google : THE MONEY MASTERS ) Jews cannot openly say they oppose affirmative action. I mean, the neo-con Jews DO. So, the Jews must get White nationalists to strongly oppose affirmative action. For this reason, White nationalists are the Jews’ most valuable Gentile asset — not Christian Zionism. Also note that all this fuss about illegal immigration and the impending doom, with America turning into Haiti, is something that energizes White nationalists to side with Israel. This is a stronger influence than Christian Zionism, whose main function in civilian life, is to act as a scapegoat so that Jews don’t take all the blame for the wars for Israel. In the military, however, Christian Zionism must surely be a valuable asset, and I think this is why repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” did NOT pass, even with a Democratic senate —- the Israel Lobby doesn’t really want it to be repealed, so as not to offend Christian Zionists in the military. This debate on the floor was a charade. Note that McCain, who used to be rather pro-gay, did a flip flop on this issue and lead the filibuster. And McCain is certainly one of the most pro-Israel and pro-war senators.

    Now, Ted Pike is NOT going to be offended by your difference of opinion, and I am not offended by your reference to his articles / Bible study celebrating the Republican victory, nor your statement that he must have lost his mind or something. And I doubt other Ted Pike fans will be offended either, BECAUSE you are doing it because you oppose Zionism, and are non-hateful. So don’t worry. Put him on air, and have a debate about your position. More importantly, your difference with Ted Pike is not going to turn off large demographics of people.

    I disagree slightly with Ted Pike, in that I don’t think homosexuality is bad. I just don’t want it to be used to criminalize free speech. Further, I think everyone’s freedom of association should be respected, and if a Christian church or school ( or even a secular, private school ), wants to discriminate against, say, gay teachers, then that should be their right. The Jews have established this religion of “Thou shalt not discriminate” And if that happens to anyone, they should get very angry. This benefits the Jews entirely, because MOST discrimination will be directed against THEM, and they know this very well ( this is rightfully so, and an aspect of boycotting against Israel ).

    I have a few gay youtube friends, and in real life, gays are not as upset as you would imagine over this. If the gays should be allowed to have gay bars, then Christians should be allowed to have organizations that are “family values”

    We do not want to offend gays, because they are some of the most anti-war people, except for gays who are Jewish. The producer of might be gay — he certainly is very friendly to them.

    You have to worry about offending all Blacks, Latinos, women, gays, Catholics —- really, some of the most anti-war groups. Criticizing Ted Pike, or having him on again, will not do that. But I tell you, I am afraid to refer this site with its archive of some of the most important information on the web, to Blacks, because they are going to think this is a White supremacist site, or that I am a White supremacist, because of you know who.

    Nov 16, 2010 at 6:38 pm
  • Marshall

    Hey Mark-

    I have this new software and am just itching to make a virtual news set for somebody. I already hit up Bro. Nathanael but haven’t heard back from him yet. Offer still stands, 100% FREE. We sailboaters think air is free and everything else should be too :-)

    Nov 16, 2010 at 8:21 pm
  • Marshall

    A little reminder of what is possible Mark-,17828/


    Nov 16, 2010 at 8:28 pm