Mark Dankof’s America April 12, 2014

April 12, 2014


Mark Dankof's guest on April 11th was Dr. E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars. Dr. Jones addresses the issue of Vladimir Putin's role in reaffirming traditional Christian morals and values in Russia, and Mr. Putin's role in countering Neo-Conservative, Zionist, New World Order subversion and military intervention abroad.

In the opening and closing news summaries, Mark discussed Eli Clifton's piece for The Nation entitled, "GOP Pro-Gay Marriage Funder's Other Agenda: Bombing Iran"; The You Tube 2 part video entitled, "The Rise of Putin and The Fall of the Russian-Jewish Oligarchs"; Alison Weir's essay for Counterpunch, "Why is the U. S. Honoring a Racist Jewish Rabbi?"; and the Dankof-Richard Millett debate on Press TV on April 5th posted as "Israel's Con Game Soon to Be Over."