The Victory Hour Dec 5, 2014

December 7, 2014

“Russia has only two allies: her Army, and her Navy”, said famously by Russian Emperor Aleksandr III "The Peacekeeper".

But even this most isolationist and neutralist Tsar among the Romanovs established an alliance with France, being loyal to the ancient Russian diplomatic tradition of Russo-French friendship. 

One of the most beautiful bridges in Europe [in Paris] is named, honoring our Tsar

It was the XIX c. Now our World became much-much smaller; alliances are needed for any Nation [at least friendships, even for the most isolationist states, like Switzerland or Liechtenstein], with any serious political movement. 

That`s why Russia, “enfant terrible” of the “Modern World” [or rather the main enemy, together with Ebola and “terrorism”, if we trust Obama's speeches...) is seeking friends, and developing alliances all over the globe.

In Italy one of the honestly pro-Russian currents is LEGA NORD, a very interesting political phenomenon, one of the strongest political forces in Italy, opponents of the EU phony “Europeanism”, US Imperialism and proponent of national self-determination, sovereignty and independence.

LN, going beyond the outdated Left-Right paradigm, unites patriots of the historical areas of Northern Italy [Lombardy, Venice etc.) from almost all kinds of political affiliations, be they Libertarians, Catholic Conservative Traditionalists, Communists, Neo-Fascists, Social Democrats or Classical Liberals. 

Friends in need – friends indeed. Russia is sincerely grateful to LN leader Matteo Salvini [who enjoys a personal friendship with Putin and whose roots are from the LN` Communist faction] and all LN` activists, members and friends for their great, important and brilliant support of the Russian Nation in almost all spheres, be they diplomacy, Crimea, war in Novorossiya, economic cooperation, shared traditions [since the Middle Ages] and the very strong cultural links between Italy and Russia.

You may check out a very interesting pro-Russian website by LN here:

The Victory Hour-Russian Front, is honoured  to devote this podcast to a great friend of Russia, Lega Nord. Fortunately, LN MP Paolo Grimoldi [born in 1975] agreed to take part in our program. He is the LN standard-bearer, having joined the movement while a teenager; since that time he has made a very successful political career for the benefits of his native commune Monza [Lombardy, near Milano].

Paolo has visited Russia several times, most recently – this October. During a very illustrious visit by the LN Leader and dignitaries to both The Russian Duma in Moscow and Crimea, they were met with standing ovations.

Dare to say, we don`t agree with all his points on this or that [quite natural, eh?]

We present to our dear listeners, this interview in order for you to become familiar with the friends of Russia in Italy.