The Victory Hour June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014
Espana Una,
Espana Grande,

Espana Libre!
Arriba Espana!

Arriba por siempre!

Victory Hour – Russian Front hosts are very honored to invite

Jose Manuel Perez Valdes, tough veteran of the Spanish Foreign Legion, for our weekly show.

The topics we discussed:

-         Caudillo Francisco Franco and his epoch;

-         Friendship and collaboration of Francoist Spain with the
Arab-Muslim World;

-         Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and “Fascist” Spain;

-         Spanish Legion – one of the most hard-core fighters in the world;

-         The USG/CIA bloody war against Spain, which started
literally since the OSS` years;

-         Basque terrorism as the tool of globalism and American imperialism;

-         Catalonian separatism and its friendship with Zionism and Israel;

-         Spain today: politics, economy, diplomacy, and dirty secrets of the Royal Palace;

-         GAL – how to deal with terrorism in effective way;

-         Geopolitically important problem of “Spanish Sahara”;

-         Otto Skorzeny and Leon Degrelle personally;

-         The noble and clear genius of Cervantes – Don Quixote and
Sancho Panza as two embodiments of the Spanish national character;

-         The crazy and dark genius of Salvador Dali;

- and much, much more during 2 hours of our discussion.

More to come later!

Bienvenidos, senores and senoras! Muchos gracias!

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