The Victory Hour May 7, 2014

May 7, 2014


Greystone and NATO mercenaries guide Kiev's Takfiris into Ukraine's largest loss of life since World War II.

After running street battles, 100 Resisters are trapped in Odessa's Union Trades Building.

Thirty die in stairwell infernos and five more die jumping from windows.

Survivors fleeing the building are killed or beaten and arrested.

46 murdered. A beloved babushka, High School kids, local workers, men and women alike.

Hundreds of Russian volunteers, all veterans, have evaded Russian border guards and joined the fight for Humanity in Ukraine.

A lonely abandoned mine guarded by a tank platoon and 500 troops holds Ukraine's small arms arsenal.

Can Kiev trust these soldiers?

Playing right into the hands of Vladimir Vladimirovich, the world's Trotskyites will find themselves in the dock in People's Courts.

We'll hang them in Nuremberg.